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At The Korean School of Fort Collins, we're committed to fostering a love for the Korean language and culture. As a non-profit organization, inclusivity and learning opportunities are at the heart of what we do. Whether you prefer in-person or online classes, we have engaging programs for all ages. Our dedicated teachers are here to support you on your journey to learning Korean. Join us in exploring the richness of Korean language and heritage! 

Spring 2024 semester is currently in session through May 20  |  2024년 봄학기가 진행중이고, 5월 20일 종강 예정입니다 

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Our Classes

Beginner Class for Kids

Textbook: Korean 1 

(Publisher: National Institute for International Education, International Korean Education Foundation) 

어린이 초급반

교재: 재외동포를 위한 한국어 1

(발행인: 국립국제교육원, 국제한국어교육재단)

Beginner Class for Adults

Textbook: Anytime Korean Beginner 1

Intermediate Class for Adults - Online

Textbook: Anytime Korean Intermediate 1


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