Academic Terms and Hours of School

KSFC follows but is not limited to the Academic Calendar of Poudre School District in Fort Collins, CO. Fall semester begins around late August or early September, while Spring semester shall start around mid-January. Each semester usually consists of 12 – 16 weekend instructions.


Korean Language Classes


The language class include Levels 1 through 6, Korean-English class, and Adult class. Each class holds 3–hour instructions from 9:00 AM to noon every Saturday.


* These classes are changed due to pandemic situation. Refer registration information for new classes operations in details.

Qualification for Admission

The applicant shall be:

(a) A person whose age is at least 4 for Language classes by the time each term begins
(b) A person who is capable of following the instructions and rules of school
(c) A person whose admission is approved to be necessary by the Principal

Completion and Qualifications for the Completion of Each Term

A student who wants to continue to attend the School and may move up to a next level of course shall understand that:

(a) Attending two thirds of the hours of instruction is required each term
(b) Two times of tardiness equals one-time absence
(c) Two times of early leave equals one-time absence
(d) Each student is to be evaluated by his/her instructor at the end of each term. The evaluation shall serve as a substantial means of deciding his or her pass of failure in the course.


The student eligible for graduation shall pass either the Intermediate Level of TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), a test administrated by the National Institute for International Education, or a test which is equivalent to the Intermediate Level of TOPIK.

Tuition Policies

On-site tuition fee should be paid by cash or check by the 2nd week of class.


Refund Policy: If student withdraws after the 1st class a full refund will be given. However if the student withdraws after the 2nd class, no refund will be granted.